Transplant day

For some it's day zero. For some it's a second chance for others it a second birthday.

Anthony Nolan

Hallo mein neues Knochenmark. Hoffe, dass Sie Ihren Aufenthalt genießen!

Translantion: Hey there, my new bone marrow. Hope you enjoy your stay!


Okay so my transplant is a 4 hour operation with a lot of people in the room, I can’t remember how many they said it would…. JK its like a blood bag but much bigger, if that makes any sense but any way… I have just the transplant and it take a couple of hours to finish. Rob said that “the donor has supplied a high amount of excellent bone marrow” ~ whatever that means ?   But as its going to take so long I have let the nurse pick a movie out of my brothers collection that he let me borrow.