T-3… only a few days to go

T-3 (14/07): So I still feel like absolutely poop! I’m also really tired because I keep having to go to the loo every couple of hours as the chemo that I’m on can cause issues with your bladder, so I’m on fluids with something extra ? No, ha the nurses told me it will help put a protective layer layer around my stomach to my bladder. I have this all day, everyday, so yeh I haven’t had much sleep and neither has my dad, lol. Another thing is that my legs have been hurting a bit but dad just seems to thinks that its just because I’m stuck in this one room and I can’t walk around a lot. I am still being sick and its a good job that I had to put on so much weigth because since last Saturday afternoon I have lost 3kg ( its the best diet ever haha ? ) but Rob says I’m doing really well and I trust him so I’m happy.