Sixteen days after transplant

T+16 (02/08): I am no longer on any morphine my TPN feed has been halved and only running over 20 hours my pain seems under control with just the paracetamol. Dr Dave has been and is still threatening to kick me out next week he even does the actions of kicking a ball. Anyway my mum has just seen Angela the charity lady and told her about my next project so she is going to get me the names of the people I need to write to at the hospital and then I will be contacting virgin sky and BT to see if I can them to organise it and then I will get in touch with places like curry’s as i am sure that they will be able to donate 7 TV’s for the transplant unit I might also write to the teenage cancer trust as they have set up a bay and a side room on ward 84 but have done nothing in here and at the moment there are 3 teenagers in here anyway my mum took a photo of the beach buggies that are at the hospital today.