Seventeen days after transplant

T+17 (03/08): Not much to report today I am a bit dehydrated so that they have had to give me some fluids so I haven’t had any time of my line. My mum has tried blackmailing me into eating and drinking and it didn’t work really so now she is just telling me I have to so yesterday I had half a crumpet and about 3/4 mug of tea and today I had a small bowl of frosties and I am trying to drink some 7 up, I really do not want to eat or drink but I know I have to. Good news though I have spent most of the afternoon watching films with my big brother, he brought me some knew films mainly Star wars cause he said “I have to watch them and there’s a huge plot twist” and I told him “I already knew that he’s luke’s dad” and he rolled his eyes at me and said HOW. haha