One day after transpant

T+1 (18/07): It feels so good to be now counting up instead of counting down and Rob came today, he said he is very pleased and he is still informing me that I am going to be really poorly over the next 2 weeks and then as my counts recover I will get better rob is off next week so we will see what the other consultants say but I have been good today done loads of art and now it feels like I am back to normal as I am just on my 2nd bag of blood.In other new I would like to wish the brave josh, Ian and Jane all the love and luck in the world as they get to go home tonight after ringing the ward 84 bell.

So its about 7ish and i just got an amazing visit from josh, he came and waved bye to me after he rang the bell. I’ll defiantly miss them but I wish them all the luck in the world and I know I will see them soon.


T+2 (19/07): My weight is going up again but only cos I’m on fluid as I’m still not eating or drinking my mouth is now starting to hurt if I open it or smile.  I know that’s not a huge update but there really the only thing that are new.