Eleven days after transplant

T+11 (28/07): so I haven’t been very good the last few days I keep being sick and my mouth and throat hurt but I have managed to keep my morphine on a very low level apparently most people at this stage are on at least double what I am on, its called Mucositis,which is ulcers on the membrane of my mouth. Rob is back this week and he is very pleased with me and the good news is that my levels are starting to move so he reckons that this will be my worst day but we will have to wait and see on that Rob has also decided to put me on GCSF to get my levels to move quicker I think it is so he can get rid of me before the football season starts as he so knows that I will make fun of him when Liverpool loose. and sorry for not posting since Thursday but I still have no phone therefore no internet but my mum is here so I have stolen hers off her but she has said she will not leave it with me sadly ?