Days till transplant (T-….)

T-10 (07/07): Today is the day the my chemo starts, apparently it’s going to be a lot harsher then my lost 2 rounds of chemo. They where hard because I lost most of my hair and it made me feel really ill. On top of that my first lot of chemo was the worse I had side effect after side affect but then they told me that the second lot would probably worse and other then the noise bleeds it wasn’t actually that worse… So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not if it is going to get worse or not but I will keep you posted either way! 🙂


T-9 (08/07) : So the first day chemo is done and I’ve got some today as well, I’ll have the chemo until the day the doctors are calling T-1 and then I will have a day of fluids and then its transplant day. As I’m saying this it sound so simple doesn’t it but this is going to save my life… I don’t know. I just feel like there should be more to it or something. But anyway I don’t feel that bad yet, I felt a bit sick this morning but and didn’t eat any breaky but thankfully I wasn’t, but then again there’s always time.


T-8 (09/07): Well my “there’s always time” thing from yesterday sort of jinxed me. Ha? because I reacted to the chemo late last night as I got a temperature, it was 38.9 which granted isn’t the highest I have had but I felt freezing and could not stop shivering but my dad and the nurses told me I couldn’t get under the covers cause it make it a lot worse. Because of me getting a temp I’m back on antibiotics and I felt sick as well just like yesterday morning but I still wasn’t sick. I’ve got 5 lots of chemo today, I had the first at 4 this morning and they have just started the second lot now, I have to have a break in between each lot because I have tablets to take and we need to let them kick in before we start the next lot of chemo. I’m hoping that it wont be so bad cause it’s the same one I had yesterday. One of the bad things about today was at about 9 this morning, I was asleep, and I GOT WOKE UP! just to speak to the doctors. I don’t think they realize that I’m 12 years old, I’m nearly a teenager and I NEED sleep. lol.

T-7 (10/07): I haven’t been that bad today, I was able to have a little sleep this afternoon during my chemo and I seem to be doing okay with tonight’s lot of chemo. Only one more tonight and then it start again at 4 am tomorrow. A good thing about today is that I got a surprise visit from my brother, he came round after he finished work and brought me some more DVD’s, a pack of card and some of my art supplies as today is the last I can have thing come into my room from the outside world, it’s because my immune system is getting weaker and weaker ( this is what the chemo is does so they transplant works properly). When my brother came we watched one of the films and played cards, I had lots of fun and laughed so much.

T-6 (11/07): Today has been okay, I still feel a bit ill but I was sick this morning so I had to some more  anti-sickness tablets. Tonight my mum and brother are at an award ceremony as I have been nominated for an starts of respect award, and as I’m to ill to go and my consultant (Prof Rob Wynn) said it would be risky to go.go cos I’m on chemo awaiting my transplant.

T-5 (12/07): Guys guess what! I won the award – YAAAY!!! – It was really nice just to be nominated  especially because it was my form at school that did it, which was really nice and sweet because even though I only knew the for a couple of months and I’ve been gone for nearly the same amount of time, it cool to know that I am still apart of the form and they are thinking of me even though I feel so isolated right now. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of them. <3  It was certainly surprised when  my mum told me that I had won as every child on ward 84 deserves this, not just me, as we all handle it in different ways, and no matter if they are past or present patients they all should have one.

T-4 (13/07): So yesterday after I posted I went on to my next type of chemo, which is a different drug, and this has PROPER side effect, its already me feel so sick even having extra anti-sickness hasn’t helped, I was sick after both, and now I feel like poop. On top of this the boredom is really starting to kick in.

This weekend is the FIFA World Cup and you know I think that we should support Germany. But wait a minute let me explain… the doctor that I have had this weekend is German AND my bone marrow donor is also German so if that is enough of a reason I don’t what is. Although don’t get me wrong I’m not about to swap from Man United to Liverpool just because my consultant, Rob, is from there and is there biggest fan. haha x

T-3 (14/07): So I still like absolutely poop! I’m also really tired because I keep having to go to the loo every couple of hours as the chemo that I’m on can cause issues with your bladder, so I’m on fluids with something extra 😉 No, ha the nurses told me it will help put a protective layer layer around my stomach to my bladder. I have this all day, everyday, so yeh I haven’t had much sleep and neither has my dad, lol. Another thing is that my legs have been hurting a bit but dad just seems to thinks that its just because I’m stuck in this one room and I can’t walk around a lot. I am still being sick and its a good job that I had to put on so much weigth because since last Saturday afternoon I have lost 3kg ( its the best diet ever haha 🙂 ) but Rob says I’m doing really well and I trust him so I’m happy.

T-2 (15/07):  YAAY!!!! Today I had my last lot of chemo. Thank god, this chemo has made me feel so ill and it had tuns of side effects, I lost a lot more of my hair now as well, some of them have yet to reveal them self and Rob told me that its going to get a lot worse before I get better, cant wait ! – I’ve lost even more weight as well so the chemo diet defo works ( you should try it :0 ) I only have 2 more sleeps till my transplant as well!

T-1 (16/07): Rob has come to see me today and has gone through everything again and yes I’m still doing well according to him, and  YAAY! there’s no more chemo just a day fluids to flush out all the chemo and keep me hydrated for tomorrow, My German donor is having his aspiration today and if they don’t get enough then they will take some tomorrow and it will still be here in time for me to have my transplant tomorrow – how amazing is that ! and in other news I had an English and an art lesson today but then they gave me some more anti sickness which made me sick (do you see the irony as well?)

I got a “visit” today because I’m not allowed any actual visits, one of my friends Harry, from the ward 84, stood with his mum, dad and sister on the walk way across from my window and waved good bye, then my mum rang me becasue she was stood with them so that I could talk to them as they were aloud to go home for the first time in a while. I’ll see you guys tomorrow for the big day !!