+68 …. Sorry

sorry I haven’t updated in a while but there have been no real changes I still have the stomach bug that I got while having the transplant in isolation I still have no hair although maybe if it wasnt so fair u might see it better I’m still on steroids for the
GVHD so I have a swollen face and tummy and I am still not eating properly as everything I want I am not allowed I am bored and still don’t have much energy so I can’t do much and I am still in semi isolation at home I miss seeing all my friends and it really cheers me up when they can come round. I’m stroppy and my mum blames the steroids but I think it is just my lovely personality coming through. I got lovely gift from Christine who sent me a few braclets ankle chains and necklaces all the way from Turkey so thank you so much it was really kind of you and they are lovely. I also want to wish the very brave josh cubbin a happy 4th birthday who has also beaten cancer this year. My thoughts go to the 2 families whose brave children sadly lost their fight this month and as it is childhood cancer awareness month we should all wear our gold ribbons for them. Finally my thanks to Chris hamer for her help and support and for promoting bone marrow donation through the company she works for talk talk. I have just heard that one of my best friends Annie has a new baby sister congratulations to Miriam and dan wade and Annie and indie the only downside is I won’t be able to see the baby for a few months but then you won’t be able to keep me away