43 after… Back here again

T+43 (29/08): I am still in hospital on the ward as there were no isolation beds so we have put up an invisible “do not cross’ tape that only the doctors And nurses can cross as I am still suppose to be in semi isolation. Rob is still unsure what is wrong as I still have no temp but my bloods are showing something is going on it looks like I have a slow growing line infection so I have started antibiotics and they think the tremors are down to my fungal drug so they have changed it and put me back in my old friend ambasome which is a really expensive drug as it costs around £100 per vile but at least i am not on as many as I used to be I was on 11 viles a day for about 8 weeks so due to the fact I have cost the nhs so much money already I won’t be able to complain about paying my taxes but in the words of L’oreal ‘I’m worth it’ and I had to say in case no one else did lol