Chippy chips, dippy eggs and a new baby!

 I had a hospital appointment this morning. I had a check up with Rob but before I saw him was able to catch up with some of my ward 84 family. It was really nice to see some friends from when I was on the ward, I saw  Lyndsey, Leon and Joseph, first and had a great catch up with them and then bumped into  Louise and Dan and tommy, and found out that he is doing really well after his transplant.

When I saw Rob, he introduced me to a new doctor from china as “the famous Charlotte Jennings” and was then asked how I was feeling, I told him that I was getting very bored and frustrated, he said that was good as I have the energy to something (which means I’m doing better).  He checked me over and said everything was going great. But then he made he’s mistake… he asked if I had any questions…. He then got about 500 questions from me about when can I do this, when can I do that when can I stop this clean diet why can’t I do this, when can I see my friend and her new baby sister? etc etc etc . Think he wanted to shut me up so he has agreed that I can relax a bit on the diet which means I can finally have a dippy egg  for lunch and chippy chips for dinner. YAAAY!!!!!!! and that I can start to go to more busy place, as long as they aren’t to busy. So yeh  I came out really happy until my granddad said I look like a chipmunk especially when I smile.