+ 20 after transplant

T+20 (06/08): Rob is still very pleased with me but my kidneys are not working properly today so he has taken me off some drugs for the day and giving me extra fluid. Even though I was sick a couple of times yesterday evening they still fitted the NG tube it doesn’t hurt when they do it but it feels weird at the top of your throat and makes you gag and a little bit sick, and it vibrates when you talk or swallow so it takes a bit if getting use to. it is such a lovely accessory that I know you are all wanting wanting one lol. I am also recording a short appeal for the charity office which they are going to send to key103 to see if ward 84 can be there chosen charity for next year hopefully due to the fact I am bald have heart monitors on and now have a NG tube as well it might just pull on their heart strings and they will choose to support us